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Parking «Arealinn»
If you have traveled with your own car, you have probably encountered problems with its placement, especially in large cities. The increase in load on parking areas during the holiday period is quite logical, so the issue of parking personal vehicles should be resolved in advance.

Arealinn offers a free parking space for the entire stay.


  • Parking is located in a guarded area inside the complex.
  • There is 24-hour video surveillance
  • Entry and exit is carried out around the clock
  • The internal control service will select a parking space for your car
  • This option minimizes possible risks and relieves you of a significant part of the worries and worries of finding a place for a car in an unfamiliar city.

We strictly adhere to the regulations: on internal territory, the speed of traffic should not exceed 5 kilometers per hour.

The possibility of any unforeseen situations is minimized.

We are looking forward to your visit!